TCORCalc® and Analytic Brokerage™
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Do You Want To Change The Playing Field?
Successful brokers and agents are realizing the importance of providing their clients and prospects with real quantifiable value. 

For you to remain relevant in the rapidly-evolving world of Analytics and Sales Metrics, you will need more.  

Let's see if you agree with us on how TCORCalc and Analytic Brokerage are changing the playing field for firms and producers across the country.
TCORCalc Introduction for Brokers & Producers (Video)
Take 10 minutes to learn how Analytic Brokerage and TCORCalc will provide you with the competitive advantage you have always wanted when working on larger accounts.
Financial Leakage Report™ (New Business)
What if you could show a new prospect how much money they are currently throwing away? Not simply through the cost of insurance, but by not using your resources. Then, translating those controllable costs into your buyer's financial metrics and results. Wouldn't that change the playing field? 

The TCORCalc® Financial Leakage Report™ is perhaps the most powerful new business creation tool in the history of our industry. It uses certified TCORCalc data to show a prospect how much money is leaking from their financial statement because of controllable costs. 

This leakage is then translated to the client's metrics and KPI's showing them the impact on their business goals. Of course, this leads to the question you will ask the prospect... 'Do you want to do something about that? If so, we will show you how to fix it and what you can expect.'

The Financial Leakage Report™ helps Brokers develop and land Large Accounts!

An Executive Summary version of the Financial Leakage Report™ is available for your review. See the 'Take The Next Step Now' section below.

ValueReport™ (Stewardship)
Has a client ever asked you, 'What have you done for our business?' Or, have you ever been asked to justify your fee when a client is unsure of your value? What do you tell your client when the other broker starts calling? 

The TCORCalc® ValueReport™ is designed to show your Stewardship Impact on a Large Account Client prior to renewal.

The ValueReport™ helps Brokers retain Large Accounts.

ValueReports are based upon the Certified Broker Performance Analytics™ that TCORCalc provides its clients. The full version of the ValueReport™ that our subscribing clients utilize generally contains 20+ pages and includes an Executive Summary and Data Analysis, Support and Appendices components.

An Executive Summary version of the ValueReport™ is available for your review. See the 'Take The Next Step Now' section below.

The TCORCalc® Analytic Broker Sales Training Platform
Tired of being a 'commodity salesperson'? We provide an in-depth training series designed to help brokers and agents elevate their ability to attract and retain larger accounts.

This is a ‘real world’ training series based upon the proven success of many large account producers. The Selling Series is a prerequisite for producers who wish to use the TCORCalc® System as a part of their large account production and retention efforts.  

Upon completion of the Analytic Broker series, you will have the foundational knowledge and Analytic Brokerage techniques required to move your large account production from the commodity into the business solutions arena.   

TCORCalc will give you the ability to move forward into the world of data, analytics and client outcomes, which is NOW the basis of all business decisions for your most sophisticated buyers and the cornerstone of the TCORCalc® platform.  Our Sales Training will give you the language and business skills required to translate your impact to the C-Suite buyer.  

In conjunction with the TCORCalc Deliverables, you will have a tremendous competitive advantage by providing the buyers with the decision support they need to appoint you as their Broker of Record.

(We're Going to Help you Change the Playing Field)
Our job is to help you be successful. We provide the training and client deliverables that you need. And we are actively delivering the message to buyers across the U.S. on how they should choose their Broker.  We are changing the playing field so that YOU will be the preferred choice of sophisticated buyers.

Take a look at these two recent publications, which are part of our 'How to Choose Your Insurance Broker' Series. We are regularly creating and publishing them on behalf of our Analytic Brokers.  They are sharing this message with their largest prospects and clients, thereby moving the playing field further away from their competitors.

Analytic Brokers are Changing The Playing Field.
The question is... do you want the TCORCalc Home Field Advantage ?
Take The Next Step Now
Clients and Key Relationships of Burand & Associates, we have developed a TCORCalc® Secure Portal for you. 

Our Portal will provide the materials and pricing structure and FAQ that you will need for your Decision Support.

You will also be able to view the sample Financial Leakage™ Report and ValueReport™ via the Secure Portal. 

For a no-risk look now, click the button below to go to the TCORCalc Secure Portal. 
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Don't be left behind. 
The Secure Portal Materials will be available through Saturday, July 1st 2016
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